All people of all incomes should have safe transportation to their homes, schools, and jobs.


No More Dead Pedestrians advocates for full funding, planning, and implementation of “Vision Zero” for state highways in Wheaton, Glenmont, and Aspen Hill. Traffic deaths are preventable. We want the State of Maryland and Montgomery County to redesign and engineer our state highways, Georgia Avenue, University Boulevard, Veirs Mill Road, and Connecticut Avenue, to ensure zero traffic deaths.


Our Key Priorities

  1. Safe walking routes

  2. Safe highway crossings

  3. Safe bus stops

  4. Pedestrian safety around schools

  5. Improve accessibility for all


Desired Actions

  • Reduce speed limits to 35 mph or below where state highways pass through residential areas.

  • Provide buffered sidewalks.

  • Design roads to prevent unsafe pedestrian crossings using interventions to change the behavior of motorists and people. Examples include elimination of ‘right turn on red’ and installation of median barriers.

  • Create safe crossings at regular intervals. Safe crossings are well lit, with well marked crosswalks that include traffic signals that result in cars stopping for pedestrians. Ensure that pedestrians do not need to walk far to cross at a safe crossing.

  • Assess bus stop locations to make sure they are safe and convenient. When placed along state highways, put safety features such as traffic barriers in place.

  • Designate areas as “School Zones” when a state highway is within a half-mile of a school. Improve pedestrian facilities such as sidewalks and crosswalks and calm traffic in these zones.

  • Improve accessibility by ensuring all traffic signals and sidewalks along state highways are ADA compliant.

No More Dead Pedestrians aims to improve pedestrian safety in the Wheaton, Glenmont, and Aspen Hill areas of Montgomery County, Maryland through collective action.