No More Dead Pedestrians.

In Wheaton, Glenmont, and Aspen Hill, our roads and pedestrian infrastructure (sidewalks, cross walks, bus stops) are not safe.  Cars speed along Georgia Avenue, Viers Mill Road, University Avenue, and Connecticut Avenue.

Near Metro stops, it is nearly impossible for pedestrians to cross these 5 to 6 lane highways.

Along major bus routes, pedestrians need to walk long distances to find a safe crossing.

People are dying.  We must demand action, and we must demand it NOW.

This site serves as a rally point.  A call to action.  An opportunity to bring citizens of Wheaton, Glenmont, and Aspen Hill together to form a coalition - strengthening our collective voice around these important issues - to set priorities, and to take action to implement.  

In addition to preventing serious injury and death, these efforts will make our communities more walkable for ALL citizens.


Civic & Community Associations:

  • Connecticut Avenue Estates Neighborhood Association

  • Glenmont Forest Neighbors Civic Association

  • Kensington Heights Civic Association

  • Rock Creek Palisades Citizens Association

  • Wheaton Hills Civic Association

  • Wheaton Regional Park Neighborhood Association

  • More coming soon!

Local Businesses:

  • Hollywood East Cafe

  • More coming soon!


Parent/Teacher Associations:

  • Coming soon.

Be an advocate for your community.

We are all pedestrians, motorists, and members of this community.

Help shape the conversation to make a positive change.

If your organization would like to partner with us, please send an email to to get involved. 

If you are an individual who would like to get involved, please sign up here.

No More Dead Pedestrians aims to improve pedestrian safety in the Wheaton, Glenmont, and Aspen Hill areas of Montgomery County, Maryland through collective action.